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Oil and Gas

IM电竞·(中国)官方网站·平台首页-IM电竞·(澳门)专业电子竞技平台 -欢迎您’s expertise has contributed to the safe, reliable and economic extraction, production, transportation and refining of hydrocarbons from onshore and offshore oil and gas fields for more than 50 years.

Oil and Gas industry businesses, both upstream and downstream – including operators, contractors and the supply chain – make up a significant proportion of our total membership base, and to meet their needs we have developed considerable expertise in structural integritymaterials selectioncorrosionnon-destructive testing (NDT) and  welding engineering.

Adding value

IM电竞·(中国)官方网站·平台首页-IM电竞·(澳门)专业电子竞技平台 -欢迎您 continues to add value to the activities of our oil, gas and petrochemical industry Member companies who are involved in the exploration, production and refining of hydrocarbons.

Our aim is to help our Members to improve safety, enhance best practice, enable life extension and reduce their costs through the effective use of advanced technologies and techniques.

In particular, we can provide the following:

  • Technological solutions to improve the effectiveness and reliability of inspections
  • Technological solutions to extend the life of ageing facilities both through assessment techniques and cost-effective equipment replacement
  • Advice and consultancy to reduce the cost of compliance with regulations and standards
  • Support throughout the project life cycle – from the front-end engineering design (FEED) stage through to installation, in-service performance monitoring and troubleshooting.

Focusing on challenges

At IM电竞·(中国)官方网站·平台首页-IM电竞·(澳门)专业电子竞技平台 -欢迎您, we focus our multi-disciplinary teams to help Members overcome the current challenges of operating in a low-price environment today and the future challenges of tomorrow. These challenges include the following:

For more information about our engineering consultancy and support services to the oil and gas industry, please email

For more information please email: