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Electronics and Sensors

澳门新新浦京游戏电子网是多少?-apple app store-澳门新新浦京游戏电子网是多少有限公司 has been actively involved in the development and testing of electronic devices and sensors for over 40 years, helping our Members to produce cost-effective, reliable products and solutions by providing authoritative advice and guidance on  materials and process selection,  prototyping and production line troubleshooting.

Sensors, electronics and photonics and are fundamental to the operation of most of today’s products, production systems, processes and infrastructure, and are an inherent part of the increasing digitalisation of manufacturing technologies.

At 澳门新新浦京游戏电子网是多少?-apple app store-澳门新新浦京游戏电子网是多少有限公司, we offer support on the full range of products and applications, including:

  • Sensors – for a wide variety of applications – process control, asset management, production process and system monitoring across all industrial sectors including  petrochemicalpower generationautomotiveaerospace, defencemedical and consumer products
  • Electronics and sensor packaging for harsh environments
  • Electrical / electronic interconnection – motors, batteries, power electronics, sensors
  • Microjoining and assembly, and micromachining/surfacing
  • Electronics packaging – chip attachment, interconnection, encapsulation, hermetic sealing and substrate/board assembly
  • Validation, reliability studies and testing


Our wide-ranging relevant capabilities include:

  • Product design optimisation – design for manufacture
  • Assembly / manufacturing process selection and optimisation
  • Production process defect analysis and improvement
  • Root cause failure analysis
  • Prototype batch production
  • Prototype / bespoke equipment development

Adding value

We understand the challenges faced by manufacturers in this fast-moving sector, and thus provide a continuously developing range of support services. Working with 澳门新新浦京游戏电子网是多少?-apple app store-澳门新新浦京游戏电子网是多少有限公司 means that Member companies and organisations benefit from:

  • Absolute confidentiality
  • A multi-disciplinary approach
  • A broad global knowledge of technologies and trends
  • Rapid response and prototyping capabilities
  • Extensive knowledge based on practical experience

For more information about our engineering consultancy and support services to the electronics industry, please email

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