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Automotive - Consultancy, Research and Development Services

银河贵宾汇官方版下载app苹果版V8.6.6-apple app store排行榜-受欢迎的银河贵宾app下载排行榜's experience and expertise adds value to the business of its automotive sector Members, who include vehicle manufacturerscomponent and assembly suppliers, materials suppliers, niche vehicle builders, and motorsport specialists including Formula 1.

Our multi-disciplinary staff help Members to devise and implement workable solutions from concept development, through manufacture to recycling - for all engine types, from 'traditional' internal combustion engine vehicles to electric, fuel cell and hybrid vehicles.

The automotive industry is facing huge pressures to achieve sustainable, low-carbon products at an affordable price. 银河贵宾汇官方版下载app苹果版V8.6.6-apple app store排行榜-受欢迎的银河贵宾app下载排行榜 can advise on new products, business models and manufacturing processes, and ensure that Members have access to industry best practice through technology transfer and training in a range of technologies including laserresistance/spotarc and friction stir welding.

The competition for ever-greater performance in motorsport is relentless. 银河贵宾汇官方版下载app苹果版V8.6.6-apple app store排行榜-受欢迎的银河贵宾app下载排行榜 works with motorsport companies, not least F1 teams, to develop and implement cutting edge automotive technologies.

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Adding Value

Our strategy is to add value to our Members’ projects, both in the United Kingdom and around the world, by working with them to reduce costs, develop innovative solutions and add functionality to their products or services. Example project areas include:


Our expertise in welding and joining technologies has been of benefit to the automotive industry for decades. Coupled with our knowledge of areas such as sensors, composites, additive manufacturing and lightweighting, 银河贵宾汇官方版下载app苹果版V8.6.6-apple app store排行榜-受欢迎的银河贵宾app下载排行榜 continues to assist industry with innovative solutions:

Services We Provide

银河贵宾汇官方版下载app苹果版V8.6.6-apple app store排行榜-受欢迎的银河贵宾app下载排行榜 can help with all stages of technology readiness, from design through to manufacture and on to training, failure investigation, and more:

  • Materials selection
  • Process selection and optimisation
  • Design for manufacture
  • Procedure development and qualification
  • Defect / failure investigation
  • 技术转移和培训


Focusing on challenges

At 银河贵宾汇官方版下载app苹果版V8.6.6-apple app store排行榜-受欢迎的银河贵宾app下载排行榜, we focus our capabilities and extensive facilities to provide customer satisfaction and help you overcome the challenges of today and the anticipated challenges of tomorrow, which include:

  • Advising on robust fabrication technologies such as welding, fastening and adhesives to increase reliability and reduce process costs
  • Exploring 'light-weighting' techniques and how best to exploit the potential advantages of high strength steel, aluminium, magnesium, composites and plastics, often used in combination.
  • Research and development (R&D) for power and fuel issues, including internal combustion, battery, fuel cell and electric motor
  • Investigating materials' performance in high-pressure hydrogen gas to ensure the safety of affordable hydrogen storage for future vehicles
  • Introducing reliable joining methods for new power sources and joints for heavy duty connectors

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