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Structural Integrity Research Foundation

The Structural Integrity Research Foundation (SIRF) launched in 2012 to provide a platform for industrially-led strategic research and development initiatives, and to date includes the National Structural Integrity Research Centre (NSIRC) and the 金沙休闲棋牌js6666-apple app store-金沙休闲棋牌js6666有限公司 Innovation Network, encompassing Innovation Centres and Accelerated Innovation Programmes.

SIRF began as a partnership between 金沙休闲棋牌js6666-apple app store-金沙休闲棋牌js6666有限公司, BP and the Lloyd’s Register Foundation (LRF) with the aim of developing world-leading structural integrity resources in the form of facilities, people and skills, as well as application-focused programmes of work, which meet recognised academic and business standards of excellence.

The Foundation is an industry-funded partnership, looking at engineering development across a range of industry sectors and tailoring a series of initiatives in response to commercial need.

The role of SIRF is to:

  • Set the direction of industrially driven research in its field
  • Carry out fundamental research through a suite of initiatives linking industry with academia
  • Establish an education and research centre for postgraduate research, and to train postgraduate students as a talent pool for industry recruitment

For more information, please email

For more information please email: