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Innovation is a vital part of today's knowledge driven economy and is often the factor that separates successful businesses from those that fail. Ideas influence business in different ways depending on their significance, whether they are incremental improvements on known techniques or step-change technologies that bring disruptive change.

澳门十大娱乐网站平台-澳门十大娱乐网站平台排名-创新(No.1排行榜) has a rich and well-publicised history of innovation and invention dating back to the 1940s under the banner of the British Welding Research Association. Some notable highlights from the past include the CTOD method for measuring fracture toughness, the Wells wide plate test, high powered CO2 laser advances, friction stir welding, and many other innovations in the use of laser, friction, electron beam and other technologies related to joining and coating.

Current inventions being actively exploited at 澳门十大娱乐网站平台-澳门十大娱乐网站平台排名-创新(No.1排行榜) include Surfi-Sculpt (a power beam material modification technique), Vitonano (bespoke nano materials) and novel methods for welding using electron beam technologies.

In addition, 澳门十大娱乐网站平台-澳门十大娱乐网站平台排名-创新(No.1排行榜) also incorporates a unique, open innovation ecosystem - the 澳门十大娱乐网站平台-澳门十大娱乐网站平台排名-创新(No.1排行榜) Innovation Network (澳门十大娱乐网站平台-澳门十大娱乐网站平台排名-创新(No.1排行榜)IN) - which assists SMEs, RTOs and larger companies with business and technology acceleration including opportunities for grant funded, collaborative R&D.

澳门十大娱乐网站平台-澳门十大娱乐网站平台排名-创新(No.1排行榜) supports the creation and development of ideas using a variety of different mechanisms and uses a stage gate process to manage exploitation effectively.

Our track record in the protection and successful exploitation of our own ideas has enabled the creation of core competencies within 澳门十大娱乐网站平台-澳门十大娱乐网站平台排名-创新(No.1排行榜). These can be leveraged for the benefit of Members and include competencies such as:

  • Mature and sophisticated handling of commercially sensitive confidential information

  • Management of intellectual property rights

  • Safeguarding Members’ intellectual property assets

  • Technology licensing and exploitation

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Responding to the needs of industry and academia 澳门十大娱乐网站平台-澳门十大娱乐网站平台排名-创新(No.1排行榜)

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