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Technology Acquisition

Adopting new or advanced technology is a key element of staying competitive within industry. 星际娱乐xj1277下载-星际娱乐xj1277下载V2.3.5苹果版-apple app store-澳门星际集团科技有限公司排行榜 engineers have extensive experience in supporting companies identify and implement joining, inspection and allied technologies into production. To successfully adopt any new technology and meet your quality, timescale and budget objectives; you must address a number of critical questions –


  • How do you identify the most appropriate process or technology and potential suppliers?
  • What is the technical maturity of the process you are considering – typical challenges and risks?
  • How to best optimise the combination of product design, materials and process?
  • What is required to minimise both implementation timescale and risk?


We can help you at every stage in the process of assessing technology and manufacturing readiness of the options. With impartiality – no bias on any particular process, technology or supplier – we will work with you to achieve your primary objectives; implement the best solution, with minimal risk to achieve your quality-timescale-cost requirements.


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