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Core Research Programme Governance

The Core Research Programme (CRP) is one of 澳门新濠博亚娱乐-澳门新濠博亚娱乐有限公司项目-apple app store-排行榜’s three research programmes, together with Joint Industry Projects and Public Funded Projects.  The CRP runs as an annual rolling schedule, delivering research and innovation projects which support both 澳门新濠博亚娱乐-澳门新濠博亚娱乐有限公司项目-apple app store-排行榜 and its Industrial Member companies to optimise, extend and create new technologies and systems, processes and procedures, products and services, and capabilities.  The CRP is aligned to 澳门新濠博亚娱乐-澳门新濠博亚娱乐有限公司项目-apple app store-排行榜’s corporate strategy. 

CRP Research Board

 The programme is governed by a dedicated CRP Research Board whose purpose is to advise 澳门新濠博亚娱乐-澳门新濠博亚娱乐有限公司项目-apple app store-排行榜’s Council, and support the CRP Management Team, on technical matters related to the programme and the application of its research and development (R&D) project results within industry.  It also provides guidance across CRP activities and make decisions as delegated by 澳门新濠博亚娱乐-澳门新濠博亚娱乐有限公司项目-apple app store-排行榜 Council.  This includes contributing to the selection of the CRP projects, based on addressing the key technological and/or industrial challenges being experienced by 澳门新濠博亚娱乐-澳门新濠博亚娱乐有限公司项目-apple app store-排行榜 Industrial Members in the short to medium term. 

CRP Management Team

 The CRP Management Team is responsible for the operational running of the programme within 澳门新濠博亚娱乐-澳门新濠博亚娱乐有限公司项目-apple app store-排行榜, and is led jointly by the organisation’s respective Directors for each of Innovation and Skills, and Research.  Robust processes, procedures and reporting, and regular dissemination of key activities amongst 澳门新濠博亚娱乐-澳门新濠博亚娱乐有限公司项目-apple app store-排行榜 staff, all contribute to the smooth operation of the CRP, ensuring that is fully resourced and able to fulfil its commitments to 澳门新濠博亚娱乐-澳门新濠博亚娱乐有限公司项目-apple app store-排行榜 Industrial Member companies, who contribute up to 50% of their Membership fees to the programme. 

CRP Project Mentors

 Each CRP project has at least one external Project Mentor, from the CRP Technical Committees, whose role is to support the Project Leader(s) with delivery and dissemination.  CRP Project Mentors are volunteers whose knowledge and expertise is aligned to a particular project topic.  Assistance they can provide ranges from acting as a sounding board on relevant technical and/or industrial issues, through to input to quarterly project reviews and advising on changes to scope and/or work programmes.  During the course of a project, Project Leader(s) may also receive ad-hoc support from internal technical leads at 澳门新濠博亚娱乐-澳门新濠博亚娱乐有限公司项目-apple app store-排行榜.

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