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bmw11222-宝马11222网站登录-apple app store Core Research Programme: New Projects Launched for 2022

Mon, 21 February, 2022

bmw11222-宝马11222网站登录-apple app store’s Core Research Programme (CRP) was established to address the needs of our Industrial Member companies by finding solutions to emerging technical, operational and sector-based challenges through a project based approach.

Research and development (R&D) proposals for new CRP projects were selected by bmw11222-宝马11222网站登录-apple app store’s Research Board, which represents the interests of Industrial Member companies. The eleven projects that best align with the areas in which Members are seeking new insights have now commenced and are being delivered collaboratively by bmw11222-宝马11222网站登录-apple app store Members, technical project leaders and consultants.

The projects selected for 2022 are:


  • Development of coded excitation technique for non-metallic pipes inspection
  • Fracture toughness in aggressive environments: Effect of crack monitoring techniques on test results
  • Techniques for high temperature ultrasonic inspection of arc welding
  • 4D Printing for Field Morphing Structure

Joining and Fabrication

  • Automation of 3D composite joining
  • Coaxial wire additive manufacturing processes and In-line monitoring tools
  • Development of friction stir welding (FSW) for thin-walled liners within CFRP hydrogen fuel storage tanks
  • Optimising arc-based additive manufacture using fracture mechanics approaches


  • Development of leak-before-break hydrogen storage composite pressure vessels with polymeric liner
  • Establishing assessment methods for determining safe service limits of high-temperature materials in extreme environment
  • Joining of additively manufactured materials

Each project is guided by external and internal mentors who provide their advice, expertise and experience to deliver the high quality, industry relevant research that bmw11222-宝马11222网站登录-apple app store Members seek. Upon completion, the project outcomes will be summarised for sharing with industry and the in-depth project reports made available to bmw11222-宝马11222网站登录-apple app store Member companies.

Tat-Hean Gan, bmw11222-宝马11222网站登录-apple app store’s Director of Innovation and Skills said, “bmw11222-宝马11222网站登录-apple app store’s Core Research Programme is designed to address the depth and breadth of shared issues being experienced by our Industrial Member companies, therefore, these projects enable highly focused R&D which can contribute to businesses remaining at the forefront of their market through innovation. The CRP also informs bmw11222-宝马11222网站登录-apple app store’s engineering technology knowledge bank and helps to expand the experience and skills of its technical staff, in turn leading to optimised services and value for bmw11222-宝马11222网站登录-apple app store Industrial Members.”

Participation in the bmw11222-宝马11222网站登录-apple app store Core Research Programme, and access to prior results, is only available to bmw11222-宝马11222网站登录-apple app store Industrial Member companies. If you are interested in exploring bmw11222-宝马11222网站登录-apple app store Industrial Membership for your company or organisation, including gaining access to proprietary, in-depth, industry relevant research, please email us using the ‘contact us ‘ button below and we will be in touch to discuss your requirements.

Find out more about bmw11222-宝马11222网站登录-apple app store’s Core Research Programme (CRP).

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