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The Welding Institute Launches ‘Back-to-Basics’ Webinars

Tue, 22 February, 2022

The Welding Institute are launching a new webinar series offering a focus on core engineering principles.

The ‘back-to-basics’ webinars, which are all to be delivered by industry experts, will launch on 7 April 2022 with ‘An Introduction to Steel Metallurgy.’

About Back-to-Basics

The ‘back-to-basics’ webinar series are being launched by The Welding Institute’s Technical Groups to explore core engineering principles, providing a chance for attendees to build their knowledge of welding technology and the welding industry.

Whether you are just starting your career or if you want to expand or revise your knowledge, the CPD qualifying webinars also offer an informal opportunity to ask questions of the expert presenters.

Welding and Joining Processes Back-to-Basic Webinars

The Welding and Joining Processes Technical Group will begin the back-to-basics webinar series, discussing a variety of subjects including how the metallurgy of metals affects their weldability and service performance, the applications and limitations of welding processes, the design of welded joints, welding quality assurance, and mechanical testing.

Back-to-Basics Webinar: An Introduction to Steel Metallurgy’

This first webinar is being delivered by the Chair of the Welding and Joining Processes Technical Group, Eur Ing Gene Mathers CEng, FWeldI.

Taking place on the 7 April 2022, 12:30 PM – 2:00 PM (UK Time), this webinar will cover some of the fundamental aspects of the metallurgy of carbon steel, providing a basic understanding of how a carbon steel achieves its required mechanical properties and the effects of varying cooling rates – all of which are significant when considering the parameters that need controlling while welding.

This webinar will set the scene for a follow-up webinar in the Autumn on the weldability of carbon steel and the various types of cracking that may be encountered when things go wrong.

Webinar Presenter: Gene Mathers

Eur Ing Eugene Mathers CEng, MSc, Dip IIM, FWeldI, EWE, IWE

Gene has over 40 years industrial experience working in pipeline, power generation, heavy engineering, nuclear and pressure vessel fabrication.

He worked as the welding and metallurgy manager and then quality manager at NEI-International Combustion Ltd before joining bmw宝马在线电子游戏-bmw宝马在线电子游戏ios/安卓版/手机版app下载 -apple app store Ltd in 1991 as the manager of our school of welding technology. He then became a principal consultant in our manufacturing services group before taking retirement. Since then he has acted as a private consultant delivering welding engineering consultancy services.

You can find out more about professional membership of The Welding Institute here and register for this first webinar here.


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