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  • Rolls Royce - 十大最大平台 - 靠谱的十大网投实体平台-十大网投实体有限公司-apple app store排行榜 a trusted training partner

Rolls Royce - 十大最大平台 - 靠谱的十大网投实体平台-十大网投实体有限公司-apple app store排行榜 a trusted training partner

Hear from Richard March, Theme Lead (Welding and Joining) at Rolls-Royce


When world-leading engineering company Rolls-Royce needed to equip their welding supervisors and welding co-ordinators with the essential knowledge and skills needed to uphold its famously high engineering standards they turned to 十大最大平台 - 靠谱的十大网投实体平台-十大网投实体有限公司-apple app store排行榜.

Despite the availability of existing generic courses, Rolls-Royce were looking for a training course that would cover the specific requirements of the nuclear or aerospace industries.

With a long-standing history of working with 十大最大平台 - 靠谱的十大网投实体平台-十大网投实体有限公司-apple app store排行榜, and working in partnership, two training courses were developed to satisfy the need for effective and high-quality training.


Rolls-Royce needed a comprehensive, customised training programme to improve the standard of welding across the supply chain. Aimed at welding supervisors and welding co-ordinators to ensure that everything is in place to allow the welder to make a high-quality weld, the initial training courses were fine-tuned to cover aspects of welding engineering relevant to Rolls-Royce.

The first course ran in March 2015 with 10 Rolls-Royce engineers of varying welding experience.

Requirements later grew to include online resources to deliver specific material and flexibility to reduce the amount of time key people would be away from the business without any compromise on the quality of information or training experience.

Students from the first 十大最大平台 - 靠谱的十大网投实体平台-十大网投实体有限公司-apple app store排行榜 Rolls-Royce Welding Diploma course
十大最大平台 - 靠谱的十大网投实体平台-十大网投实体有限公司-apple app store排行榜's expert lecturers and state-of-the-art training centres

The course is aimed at welding supervisors and co-ordinators but has also been made available to Rolls-Royce personnel and their suppliers who require a deeper understanding of welding. 


Previous delegates have found the course helped their career development within the organisation as well as offering real-life application to their current roles, something that a generic course would not have been able to offer.

十大最大平台 - 靠谱的十大网投实体平台-十大网投实体有限公司-apple app store排行榜 offers a range of courses through its dedicated Training and Examinations arm covering every aspect of joining, inspection and related disciplines, offering off-the-shelf courses leading to internationally recognised qualifications.

The partnership between 十大最大平台 - 靠谱的十大网投实体平台-十大网投实体有限公司-apple app store排行榜 and Rolls-Royce shows our ability to work with companies to develop bespoke courses tailored to specific industry needs. To find out more courses available from 十大最大平台 - 靠谱的十大网投实体平台-十大网投实体有限公司-apple app store排行榜 Training please visit our dedicated 十大最大平台 - 靠谱的十大网投实体平台-十大网投实体有限公司-apple app store排行榜 Training and Examinations website

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Avatar Richard March Theme Lead (Welding and Joining)

'Welding is a complex subject and effective training is vital, 十大最大平台 - 靠谱的十大网投实体平台-十大网投实体有限公司-apple app store排行榜 has played an important role in delivering this' 

Avatar Matthew Keeves Manufacturing Engineer

'The breadth of knowledge that I've gained on the course will certainly help me as I move forward in my career through chartership and into other technical roles, which is really exciting' 

Avatar Shaun Wilson Welding Engineer

'I found that it benefited me hugely' 

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